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If I could, I would

chase away the darkness

So it would never

touch you, child.

I’d spend a lifetime

spreading some kindness,

So parts of you

could be reconciled.



Found on 2-3-16. Facebook Timeline. Sojourners Path.

If I could, I would prove

that God really loves you                        

when the world around you 

is breaking apart,

but dealing with hardships

is a part of living.

Ask God to come

and live in your heart.


If I could, I would give                                         

you many good friends

who would fight and 

stand by your side,

when others won’t give you

the gift of acceptance,

no matter how hard

you have tried. 


I wish I could pave

your way with kindness,

and light a lamp 

for you to have hope,

but all I can do

is pray for the best

and teach you the skills

you’ll need to cope.


I’ll bind up your wounds

and wipe away tears

as you become who

you want to be.

I’ll stand beside you

and cheer you on

as you work to fulfill

your destiny.


When I am gone,

I hope you will see,

I did all I knew 

how to do,

to help you build

a strong faith in yourself

and find real peace

in you.