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For years I’ve watched the seasons come,

And I’ve watched the seasons go.

They reflect that all living things

Change as they grow.


The seed lies dormant in the earth                                       

Found on Pinterest on 4-30-17. Saved from an article on facilisimo.com.

And then sprouts forth with life.

An infant lies in his mother’s womb

And is born with lots of strife.


A tree needs enough nutrients

In order to grow strong.

A baby needs good nourishment

For his body to grow long.


Spring brings the rain and the warm sun

That enables the tree to grow tall.

Childhood and adolescence give a child

Time to prepare for Fall.


A tree has leaves that shake and twist

In the Summer storms that pass by,

And they change to lovely colors as

The Fall season leaves them to die.


A young man faces the storms of life

With courage and a strong belief:

That God will be there through the worst

And  strengthen him in grief.


Or a man can choose to face those storms

With bitterness and hate,

And blame God for the things he lost

And leave the rest to fate.


For surely as the seasons pass,

Death comes to every man,

And he must choose to walk away,

Or reach out for God’s hand.


The tree drops seeds on the ground

And they end up down below 

The earth and wait until next Spring

When new trees will grow.