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Shattered, she walked across the desert sand.

All she wanted was a safe place to land.

She had her child beside her

And she prayed they would endure

The violence they encountered

And the screams they had heard.


She kept her child protected,

Who had never been neglected.

She held her daughter deep within her heart.

They had never been apart.

They were seeking  food to eat

In the midst of summer’s heat.


She saw a line of migrants ahead

And followed them and put her child to bed.

She sat and talked with them by the fire.

They all shared a dream and the desire,

To find a land where they could all live free

And have a wondrous destiny.


She walked until her shoes

Left blisters and a bruise, 

But it was worth what it took

To climb the hill and look.

She saw the USA in the morning light

And said, “we’re going to be alright.”


She went to the guard at the border’s gate.

She and her child had to stand and wait.

Someone came and took her child away.

They told her she could see her in a day.

She held her fears deep within her breast

And hoped, for her daughter, what was  best.


A year went by and still

The news made her ill.

Her daughter in a cage

Brought forth a mother’s rage.

The “great” USA

Is filled with decay.