” One of the hardest things to accomplish is learning new ways to cope with trauma that is re-triggered from past trauma. Our thoughts and emotions are often in conflict with each other. Our values often play a part in our struggle to create new pathways in handling old pain. We are torn by love and hurt, forgiveness and resentment, pleasing others or being compassionate with our internal selves. Do we build walls or do we risk being open? This “art of living” is indeed a tough skill to master. The following poem, I wrote three years ago, reflects this.” Yu/stan/kema


Found on Pinterest on 3-25-16. Found on Pinterest on 3-25-16.

Old familiar faces rise up

Like ghosts from the past

To rattle my defenses

In an effort to get

My complete attention.

Time has given me

A different perspective

On pain that lasted,

It seemed like forever,

In the center of my heart.

I am still empty in places

Where love once grew,

And trust is hard to find

In the corners of my

once shattered mind.

Time has given me

The courage I need,

To heal from these tears,

And not repeat old ways

Of acting and feeling.

Lessons I have learned

From  the scars I wear,

Keep me on my path,

And help me create

Walls to keep you out.


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