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Hey, little girl with the weary eyes,

You’ve been told so many lies.

Your family fled to keep you safe.

They told you, “Have a little faith.”


You crossed the ocean in a little boat.

You prayed to God that it would float.

There was little to drink and little to eat,

But you never gave in to stark defeat.


Surely, there had to be somewhere,                       

A Country existed that would care.                            

A place where you could find relief

And heal inside the terrible grief


Of losing the only home you had,

Because your world had turned mad.

You crossed a desert in the burning sand,

God would bring you to the promised land.


You climbed a hill, saw the barbwire fence,

Breathed in a gas that made you wince.

Your mother stumbled and then feel down.

Someone took you without a sound.


You cried for your mother and little brother,

While you were put in the hands of another.

You yelled and screamed as they took you away.

They told you to: “Shut-up,” that fateful day.


You coped with hunger and ignored your pain.

You learned to keep warm in the pouring rain.

Neglect was a major part of your life.

The loss of your mom cut like a knife.


You learned not to trust the human race.

God was gone without leaving a trace.

” America’s promise was just a lie.

They’ve left an innocent soul to die.”