” It has been ten years since my best friend died. Every week, I think of her and know she’s up there waiting for me. Many times, I have heard her bark in the middle of the night. I wake up alert and get up. One time my microwave was spinning around and around at 5a.m. and started smoking and I had to call the fire department. Another time, a burglar was out in my yard in the middle of the night when I heard her bark. I know she was letting me know she was still guarding and protecting me in heaven. She was so special. I am thankful for the time we had. Spend the time you have loving your dog. It matters.”


Howard. AKC Goldleaf’s Midnight Sun. Tri-color



Five years ago, I lost the best friend I ever had to old age. When she was young, she could jump so high and so far over my deck, I was sure she could fly. I could shout three words and she would run fast as the wind around trees and bushes like a barrel racer does in a rodeo. She grinned a lot, even in her sleep. We walked together in rain, snow, and sunshine. She would lay beside my chair when I read outdoors, watched over me as I straddled a ladder trimming trees and bushes, and protected me at those times she sensed it was necessary. She was a tri-color collie-black, white, and sable in color. When she sat, she looked like she had on a black tux. Her eyes were dark and her soul shone through when she would…

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