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Lord of Darkness, Lord of Light,

Both exist in the night.

You must choose which one is right

And hold it close, hold it tight.


Found on Pinterest on 4-27-16. Pixidaus.com.

There is evil all around,

And it can easily be found.

It can come without a sound,

And you’ll find, you are bound


By acts that will not set you free

As hatred grows inside of thee.

The devil brings you to your knees,

And war becomes your destiny.


You must choose which way to go.

Know God’s love around you flows.

Goodness will help you grow

Found on Pinterest on 9-27-15. A.D. Williams. Higher Perspective.

And take away your years of woe.


Kindness will be your guide

And help erase selfish pride.

Love will heal the hurt inside,

So peace can enter and abide.