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Many brave men fought

with dignity and honor

to carry their Country’s flag

In the midst of battle.


They stood firm

in their resolve

To live with freedom

from tyranny.


Found on Pinterest on 5-29-16. Memorial Day from Singing Through The Rain.

They fought hard

for equal justice

under the same law

and respect for all.


They were strong men

who stood, side by side,

men who were strangers

because of skin color.


They faced death as one

in the heat of battle

and learned to call

each other, “brothers.”


They came to accept

their sacrifice and pain

in leaving behind,

their wives and children.


They carried the scars                               

of war inside their hearts.

They came back to find

their world had changed.


They saw hatred for others,

and the removal of civil rights, 

the erosion of cherished ideals, 

and political division without end.                                                                                                                              


“We did not die for this,” they cried.

“We must join our hands together,

and bind up the nation’s wounds.”

“We must find the courage to speak as one.”