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The breeze is cool

against my skin

and is filled with

the smells of summer.

Flowers dance in the wind

while the sun kisses my face

like some long-forgotten love

from my adolescence.



Trees lift their branches                    

toward heaven and drink in                              

 the golden rays of the sun.

Butterflies flit from

flower to flower

while sipping sweet nectar.

The smell  of honeysuckle,

 on the backyard fence,

floats on the air currents

and enters my nose.


Sweet memories are reawakened:

Tart lemonade sliding down

the throat  in one tasty gulp;

Red ripe watermelon

chilled to perfection;

The sound of whippoorwills calling

out near dusk;

The laughter of children playing

Hide and Seek at night;

and the gentle guitar strings

kissing the darkness

with love songs.

There is truly nothing like,

Indiana in the summertime.