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“Henry Van Dyke was a poet who wrote about nature, values, the need for solitude, and the struggles we have in trying to rise above adversity in order to enjoy the gifts that surround us. We are often blind to them in our haste to become successful.

He wrote prolifically in the early 1900s. I was ten years old when I first read his poems. His poetry helped me through some very difficult times. He talked about living in the present moment using all of our senses to enjoy Nature and learn valuable lessons from her. The following poem ‘School’ is one of my favorite poems.”                                                                   Yu/stan/kema



I put my heart to school

In the world where men grow wise:

“Go out,” I said, ” and learn the rule;”

“Come back when you win a prize.”


Found on Pinterest on 9-21-16. peacefulafricandaises.blogspot.com.

My heart came back again:                                             

“Now where is the prize?” I cried–

“The rule was false, and the prize was pain,

And the teacher’s name was Pride.”


I put my heart to school

In the woods where veeries sing

And brooks run clear and cool,

In the fields where wildflowers spring.


“And why do you stay so long

My heart, and where do you roam?”

The answer came with a laugh and a song,–

“I find this school is home.”

            HENRY VAN DYKE