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Life’s road is strange as it curves and dips

Over the mountains and through the woods.

There are obstacles we must overcome 

And find ways to deal with Life’s “shoulds.”


We can live life fully with out regret

If we don’t give into our fears;

When life knocks us down, we can get up again

And smile through our tears.


We can choose to be bitter when losses occur.

We can tell ourselves, ” Life isn’t fair.”

We can blame others for our mistakes

And say,”There is no one who cares.”


We can face life bravely with steady eyes

And accept the good with the bad.

We can choose to live with a hopeful heart

And think positive when we feel sad.


It is all up to us what we do in life.

We can love or decide we will hate.

We can fight for what we want in life,

Or give in to hopeless fate.