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When I was just a girl of eight,

I stretched my body on the ground,

And on my back I saw a world

Of beauty and heard Nature’s sounds.


I felt my soul fly out of me                                             

Veronique-coutie. Found on Pinterest 3-11-16.

And land on top a fluffy cloud.

I embraced the universe

And heard an angel laugh out loud.


All around me beauty breathed

And blew sweet hope inside my breast.

It wrapped me in serenity

And gave me a much-needed rest.


The smell of sweet young tender leaves

Moved gently through the tall oak trees.

The scent of honeysuckle blooms

Drifted across the fragrant breeze.


I saw one hundred flowers dance

And lift their faces to the sun.

They smiled and bowed their heads to pray

And gave thanks to “the Holy One.”


There grew in me such ecstasy.

It blew the storms of life aside.

It gave me respite for a day

And brought back hope that died.