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The sun is setting on our democracy, and we are at a crossroads. We must choose what we want our Nation to represent and how we want our children to live. Will we choose: Freedom or tyranny; Honesty or deception; Love or hate; Generosity or greed; Acceptance or discrimination; Rule of law or chaos; Kindness or cruelty; Goodness or evil; or Creation instead of destruction?

We all play a role in making our Nation a better place to live. We can choose to live in a world full of violence, dirty drinking water, polluted air, recalled food, nuclear war, lack of civility, and selfishness. We can also choose to live in a clean environment, to protect beauty and all living things, to respect and help other people, to choose peace instead of war, to learn to compromise, and to promote kindness and what is good. There cannot be passiveness. All of us will decide how history will remember us and our Nation. We need to choose wisely.