May this Easter fill you with Hope and Joy.


Jesus, Our Savior, came to earth,

And blessed us with His humble birth.  

Found on Pinterest on 3-18-16. Margaret Mary. Holy cards. Resurrection. Found on Pinterest on 3-18-16. Margaret Mary. Holy Cards. Resurrection.

Born in a stable, not built for a King,

He took his first breath, heard angels sing.

Cows and the lambs laid down in the straw,

To give great homage to, the Greatest Of All.

When Jesus reached His boyhood  years,

Broken bird wings brought forth tears.

His eyes filled with compassion and care.

He healed broken hearts in deep despair.

Joseph and He made things out of wood.

He loved His mother and felt understood.

Years passed and Christ knew there was more

That God wanted His life to stand for.

He humbled Himself, was baptized by John;

God gave Him a mission the very next dawn:

“Heal the sick, the disabled, and dying;

Give rest to the weary; Help those who are crying.”


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