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There once lived a mouse

Who looked like a rat,

Had a sunny disposition,

And he wore a jaunty hat.


He would leave his house,                                     

Found on Pinterest on 4-6-19. S. Smith saved to Wee Sweet Creatures.

In the middle of the night,

Looking for some cheese

That smelled just right.


He wanted to impress

The mouse he adored,

So he looked for food 

He thought he could afford.


He wanted her to see

He was worth much more

Than the lazy gray mice

Who lived next door.


He looked in the Deli

And a French Café.

He smelled a great aroma

That was blowing his way.


He bought a chunk of cheese

And he put it in his pants.

He knocked on her door,

And he asked her to dance.


They danced in the street

And  they bent and swayed.

He asked her to wed him,

And he was not afraid.


She told him she loved him

And said she’d be his wife.

They married the next day

And lived a happy life.