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Forgiveness is not easy

at any age we try,

for we often carry with us

harsh feelings til we die.


Found on 2-3-16. Facebook Timeline. Sojourners Path.

It takes a little patience,

and it takes a hurting heart

that wants to reconcile

what tears you both apart.


Is the person who hurt you,

important in your life?

What do you gain or lose

by keeping up the strife?


It takes an honest soul

willing to look inside

and own part of the blame,

while swallowing one’s pride.


There must be restitution

and a need to apologize,

a mindset toward acceptance

and a want to compromise.


We all need forgiveness,

to feel peace within;

Even God will forgive us

when we stumble and sin.


If God who is Holy

can accept us when we fall,

why should we hesitate

to tear down a wall?