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Jake and Keith Provance wrote an intriguing little book about one’s identity as a child of God. As a human being, a person’s identity is influenced by the people he grew up with such as parents, grandparents, other extended family members, friends, and Church members. Their opinions mattered to him and often became imprinted in his mind and heart for years. His identity was also formed by what he could accomplish or not accomplish and by comparing himself to others to gain a sense of self-worth. Comparing one-self to others can become destructive. His own perceived self-worth often caused him to judge himself more harshly than others judged him.

The authors wrote this book giving us a different perspective on how God sees us. They wrote that when one becomes a child of God by surrendering and believing in Him and telling others he chooses to follow God, he takes on a new identity and God’s Word gives him a set of rules to follow when he becomes new in Christ.

The authors of, I Am What the Bible Says I Am, listed seventeen characteristics one develops as a child of God: A new identity through choice and a commitment to become more like Christ in one’s actions and attitudes; freedom from the past and desires that were not beneficial by relying on God’s strength to help him; strength through God to overcome obstacles with joy; becoming a light for those in darkness by giving them hope things can get better; overcoming anything with God in him and the power of the Holy Spirit; being wanted by God even if he is not perfect because of God’s unconditional acceptance of him; and being chosen by God long before he chose God. A child of God allows God to play an important role in his life.

Jake and Keith Provance wrote: a child of God is forgiven for past, present, and future sins through Christ’s sacrifice and not because of the good works he does; God’s love can’t be taken away or earned; a child of God is an ambassador, God’s representative; he has redemption; he is complete in Christ; he is protected by God; he can conquer anything with God; God wants him to prosper; he is a temple of the Holy Spirit who will teach him all things; and he is rooted in God’s love and His Word.

I Am What the Bible Says I Am is a thin book that is easy to read and understand. It is thought-provoking because one sees so clearly the need for good, loving families in order to help a person become a child of God and believe it. For someone who grows up in an abusive household or neglect, he would have to overcome more obstacles in learning to trust God, and believe he is loved by Him and that his sins can be forgiven.


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