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Thank you, God, for the darkness.

It helps me enjoy the light.

No matter how bleak life seems,

Morning follows the night.


Thank you, Lord, for the hard times.                                  

Found on Facebook Timeline on 7-24-17. Country and Farm Photography. Taken by Carolyn Anderson.

They often try my soul.

They build in me strength and courage

And the will to complete a goal.


Thank you, God, for the heartache,

That I’ve had along the way.

It has taught me to be much kinder

Towards those I see each day.


Thank you, Lord, for the Teacher

Who is helping me to find peace,

Learn to control my emotions,

And find some blessed release.


Thank you, God, for each morning

That I find myself still alive

And eager to spread God’s love,

So others are able to thrive.