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Trees are a lot like people.

We see them every where.

Some are tall and some are small,

And some are very rare.


Trees shelter wildlife from the cold.

Some people give to those in need.

God has a purpose for each thing,

Every embryo and seed.

Found on Nature Addicts on 11-6-18. Taken by Michelle Steenburn. Red, White, and Blue. Also found on Facebook Timeline.


Trees face the elements alone                     

 And stand tall in the rain.          

People learn they must endure

And stand despite their pain.


Trees do reflect life’s changes

In the budding of a leaf,

The growth that comes in living,

And the loss of leaves in grief.


Most people live their whole lives

With changes happening.

They dream of an eternal life

With every coming spring.


Both tree and man show moments

Of beauty and pure grace,

Brilliant leaves and shinning deeds

That no one can erase.


They know when death comes

To trees and mankind,

Renewal is still possible

For those we leave behind.