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When I was young and believed in Self,

I was in such excellent health.

I was full of fight and felt alive.

I knew then I could survive.


When I was knocked to the ground,

I’d bounce back up for another round.

Positive words would clear my mind,

And courage I could always find.


I held strong values deep inside,

Never gave in to foolish pride,

Loved my enemies the best I could,

And did good deeds in the neighborhood.


I believed in God and I had hope

That whatever happened, I could cope.

No matter how hard my life could get,

I never kept myself in debt.


The losses came, one by one

Until the fight in me was done.

So many losses in a row,

Too many years were full of woe.


I could not find God anywhere

And told myself He did not care.

Every step I tried to take,

Only led to more heartache.


My friends became invisible,

And I fell in a deep, dark hole.

It took me years to find a way

Out into the light of day.


I’d lost my health. I was alone.

My friend left me on my own.

I grew cynical and tough

And finally, I said “enough.”


“Enough of feeling victimized,

I need to find a way to rise.”

“I need to build my life again,

Not focus on ‘What might have been.”