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Souls are breaking every where,

Especially those who are aware

That many fail to love the heart

That’s been cruelly ripped apart.


Found on Pinterest on 5-24-17. hegsted.com. Derek Hegsted.

So many say they understand,

Yet hesitate to take your hand.

They avoid the hurt inside,

And the many nights you’ve cried.


They say, “Forget the wasted years

And your useless bitter tears.”

“In the end, we’re all alone.

You are really on your own.”


“It’s up to you to learn to choose

How to cope with what you lose.”

“Accept the dreaded hand of fate,

And bear the pain when others hate.”


They cannot recognize the need

For human contact and kind deeds.

The weary heart yearns for release.

The battered soul needs inner peace.


The soul needs love to thrive and grow

And open arms more than we know,

Kind deeds that nurture hope within,

And God to touch the heart’s of men.