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Women watch men                                             

with unlimited power

make promises to those,

who have waited for years

for justice to finally

lift its battered head.


They waited for fairness,

an equal opportunity

to speak their truth,

and get the respect

they have earned

through patience and

pure determination.


They believed in

the integrity and

principles of

this country,

and its ability

to rise above

pettiness and

the need to win.


So they watched,

And they learned:  

Time could not erase

ingrained prejudices,

the need for men

to shame those

who waited to see

justice done.


They learned: 

it is up to

them to rise

as an army

And fight for

the right

To be heard,

and finally believed.


March with us,

come and save

your friends

and daughters

from society’s

need to keep

women silent

and afraid.