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I went down to the meadow

Where the wild flowers grow.

I could see the tall ripe wheat

Dance where the wind blows. 


Found on Pinterest on 8-26-18. Photo by Tony Craddock. Science photo library.Wild Flower Meadow.

I felt some tear drops  fall

Down to the fertile ground,

As old memories of the past

Came and gathered around.


I met my loved one here.

He was gathering a bouquet

Of daisies and wild roses,

Which he gave away,


To me as I was standing

In the rays of the sun.

We laughed and chased each other

Until the day was done.


He told me he was leaving

To fight in a war overseas.

He said he’d love me forever,

And gave me a gentle squeeze.


Year after year I waited,

Down in the meadow for him.

Every year my heart broke,

Watching hope grow dim.


A man drove to town to tell me,

His son had died in the war.

He had left a letter for me,

One I could not ignore.


I took it down to the meadow,                              

Found on Pinterest on 8-26-18. Sierra Beach. theodysseyonline.com property of-jesustumblr.com.

And read his words in the wind.

I wept for the loss of my loved one,

And the pain that had no end.


He wrote “that he really loved me,

And did not want to die,

But God was coming to take him

To a meadow in the sky.”


“And when Your life is  over,

Ask where the wild flowers grow.

God will take you to me

For God loves us so.”