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Grief comes like a quiet thief                                  

Found on Pinterest on 2-9-16..Graphicdesignfunction. Conceptual photography. Helping hand.

In the middle of the night.

It shakes and rattles the soul

And removes all that is bright.


Grief brings forth mighty rage

And takes away happiness.

It leads a soul to hell

To doubt God’s righteousness.


Grief causes a loss of reason

And brings the mind to its knees.

It often destroys trust

And causes hope to cease.


Yet, grief can cause the heart

To turn and reach for love.

It can bring the soul to ask

For God’s help from above.


Grief can bring forth change

In the life filled with despair.

It can cause a heart to give,

Help others, and show it cares.


It can cause a man to throw

His selfish pride to the ground,

And admit he can’t do it himself

Without God coming around.


Grief can bring heaven or hell

Into the life of a man.

It’s really up to him

To do whatever he can.