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When the world becomes too heavy

To carry on your back, my child,

Take some time to leave behind

All your worries in the Wild.


Learn to travel in the forest.                                                      

Found on Pinterest on 4-29-17. bonitavista.tumblr.com. Mayford Woods, CrewKerne, Somerset.

Name the trees that you see.

Lie beneath them and study

Bark and leaves from every tree.


Kneel and study moss and lichens.

It’s a place where fairies play.

Ponder every tiny insect

As you walk along your way.


While the light fades to darkness,

Build a fire in a safe place.

Warm your fingers by the flames.

Thank God for this sacred space.


Learn to gaze upon the night sky.

Watch the stars blink and shine.                                       

Found on Pinterest on 12-17-16. Stephen Hayward. Stars

All your troubles will seem small,

As you sleep beneath the Pine.


In times of trouble, we are given

Gifts from God’s treasure store.

Nature has the power to heal us

And teach us so much more.