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Sanctify, Oh sanctify,

This clean air I take inside.

Breathe it deep within my lungs

And exhale my wounded pride.


Glorify, Oh glorify,                                                 

Found on Pinterest on 8-5-16.

All the trees I walk beneath.

Teach my soul to touch the sky

And erase my unbelief.


Beautify, Oh beautify,

The flowers at my fingertips.

Inhale deep within each flower.

Sing their praises with my lips.


Magnify, Oh magnify,

All the blessings that I see.

Turn me from what’s negative. 

Focus on God’s majesty.


Sanctify and glorify

All the things within my soul.

Help me most to realize,

Nature’s gifts can make me whole.


Beautify and magnify

My faith and trust in God’s great art

And help me see His gifts for me

Come from a Father’s loving heart.


Breathe in and out the breath of life.

Breathe in deep and hold it fast.

Help me see the good in life

And erase my painful past.