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Found on Pinterest on 7-21-18. Sarah Carol Ann Broaddus saved to wars(Vietnam).

We are a band of brothers

And we stand strong.

We look out for each other

Even though the days are long.


We are a band of brothers

Who don’t accept defeat.

We have fought in many battles 

On land and in the street.


We are a group of men

From all walks of life.

Our skins are different colors, 

And we fight with guns and knifes


We fight for truth and justice,

And the right to live free,

So others can be treated

With respect and dignity.


We fight our foes in battle.

We’re aware that we might die,

But we watch out for each other,

And we’re not afraid to cry.


We have seen our brothers fall

In battle as we fight.

When we have to close their eyes,

We know war isn’t right. 


We are taught to follow orders,

To get the job done,

To achieve different tasks

Until the battle is won.


We are a band of brothers,

In life and in death.

We will always feel connected

Until our last breath.