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I walked down to the ocean last night

And watched for the rising tide.

A storm was blowing in from the west

That matched what I could not hide.                           

Found on Pinterest on 6-21-18. ExquisiteCoasts.com.



A wave of sadness and loss rolled in

From heartbreak over the years.

They tried to erode the walls of my soul

With a sea of helpless tears.


The winds blew fierce across the waves

And salt spray hung in the air.

I fought to keep my body up right,

As the rain pelted my hair.


The storms of life had battered my heart

And my spirit relentlessly.

I was exhausted in body and soul.

I wanted to be free.


The storms died down and the sun came out

And the ocean was calm once more.

My soul found rest in love’s sweet light,

And I felt my spirit soar.