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With every rising of the sun

Found on Pinterest on 10-24-16. Thich Nhat Hanh.

Think of your life as just begun.


The past has shrived and buried deep

All yesterdays-there let them sleep….


Concern yourself with but today,

Woo it and teach it to obey,


Your wish and will. Since time began

Today has been the friend of man….


You and today! a soul sublime

And the great pregnant hour of time.


With God between to bind the twain,

Go forth, I say, attain, attain.



“When we allow ourselves to be consumed with anxiety about the future, we rob ourselves of the precious moments of today, and the blessings each day can bring.    We can become blind to what is good and lovely. For the sake of our souls, we must    focus on the good or else we will drown in our despair.”