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The sun was bright                                           

Found on Pinterest on 2-23-17. Vladimir Volegov. Volegov.com.


as I headed out the door

into the gardens

out front.

It had been

a long time

since I spent hours

talking to the flowers,

precious moments spent

in visualizing each

tiny stem that curved

up from young, green leaves.

I see a rose-bud opening

up in the sunlight.

It’s tiny head nods

in the early summer breeze.

It’s deep pink color 

stands out from all the rest.

I lean down to whisper                       

Found on Facebook Timeline on 8-8-16. Facebook/Roses.Images.

to the lovely rose,

“Thank you for giving

your life to me.

You give me joy.”

I kneel and spade gently

around the rose-bush.

I inhale its fragrance,

and take time to water

its roots growing

deep in the warm soil.

I am aware of the blue sky,

the warmth of the sun’s rays,

and a sea of flowers, 

waving their heads at me.

I feel the oneness that comes

in the presence of something

greater than myself.

I whisper to the wind,

“All is well, all is well

with my soul.” 1



1 spiritual quotes to live by.com- Trina Graves.