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He came down from the mountain,

with power and strength in his stride.

His face was tired but joyful,

as he released  the tears inside.


Found on Facebook Timeline on 8-1-16.

His Spirit had been walking

with the wind that swirled around him.

The smell of Mother Earth clung

from his skin as the daylight dimmed.


He had walked to the summit

to see the River below.

God said, “Your life is not over,”

“There is still time to grow.”


He buried his past behind him,

and followed the trail down.

He moved with the grace of a leopard,

his feet not making a sound.


He built his home by the River.

He gave God’s love from his heart.

He wanted to share his values

with others from the start.


He believed others would see

his internal wealth.

All he really wanted was

acceptance for himself.


He trusted the goodness of others

He let his guard slip away.

He was shot in the back with an arrow.

He died later that day.


They buried him near the summit,

where he longed to roam again.

They said he died friendless,

but he loved until the end.