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The reasons we give ourselves,

for doing the things we do,

no longer amazes me.

People find incredible ways

to justify abuse and neglect

they take part in rendering. 


Manipulation becomes a tool

we use to obtain a pre-set goal.

The goal becomes the focus and

we lose sight of how it might

impact the lives of others.

Desire over-rides our shame.


Over time, we blind ourselves

to the hurt and pain in others

when we choose to discriminate,

rather than accept differences.

We seek hatred and war,

not compassion and peace.


We avoid the essence of

other human beings and

we forget they have a soul.

They bleed from wounds

we cannot see and cry tears

 that stay within the heart.


Yet we can choose to become

that which God  made us to be: 

Made in His own image,

a force for good,

full of love and acceptance,

and reflecting God’s peace.