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Take time to give me hope

in the winter of my life,

and a little bit of love

to get me through this strife.


Found on Pinterest on 11-12-17. reiki.reikihealingsecr. Camino al cielo.

Give me a taste of laughter

so I can experience bliss.

Exchange with me some honesty,

for its truth that I miss.


Just take me by the hand

when I’m too tired to try,

and help me not give up

when all I do is cry.


Just have a little faith

in my ability to be,

all the wondrous things

that you see in me.


Take time  to be alone

and say a little prayer,

that God will protect me

and keep me in His care.


Please, come along with me

and walk right by my side,

until I enter heaven where

the gates are opened wide.