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When we were young, we noticed everything we came in contact with. We felt the wind, the kiss of a snowflake, the warm rays of the sun, brilliant stars at night, the morning dew on the flowers, and the colors and sounds of the birds near by. We were happy, excited about each day that came, knowing we would find gifts from God sent to us in love. Nature brought us closer to the Holy Spirit. She also gave us a different perspective on life. We saw what was important and what we could let go. 

When we grew older, cell phones, computers, and television distracted us and time with Nature was decreased. Our stress increased and our relationship with God became harder and harder to plug into. Life became more chaotic with change after change. The only way to reverse this is to make time, drop everything, and go to the woods, the lakes, and the rivers. We have to take control of our time and go outside. The following poem, “Leisure,” written by William Henry Davies, talks about this.



What is this life if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.


No time to stand beneath the boughs

And stare as long as sheep or cows.


No time to see, when woods we pass,

Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.


No time to see, in broad daylight,

Streams full of stars, like skies at night.


No time to turn at Beauty’s glance,

And watch her feet, how they can dance.


No time to wait till her mouth can

Enrich that smile her eyes began.


A poor life this if, full of care, 

We have no time to stand and stare.

William Henry Davies-