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I yearn to follow the yellow brick road.

It’s a bad idea, I know.

It’s fraught with perils and great risk,

But my heart tells me to go.


Life is barren without love,

And a soul that doesn’t have hope,

Has nothing left to get up for.

Life’s like a kaleidoscope.


Dreams are made before taking the trip,

The heart embraces the day.

Excitement grows when it all seems new,

And you’re anxious to be on your way.


This time you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Your hopes are riding high.

You look down the road and plot your course,

And you don’t stop to question why.


You believe you have worth

And that chances are good,

That someone will really love you.

We all want to be understood.


But when it’s all over,

And you’re hurting again,

You just can’t help thinking

“What might have been.”


For it’s hard to regret

All the feelings you’ve shared,

Or the energy spent

Telling someone you cared.