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The world has changed

since I was a young girl

growing up in America.

Rules and regulations meant

we expected others to act

and talk with civility.


There were lines

no one dared to cross,

because we knew

those rules were the glue

that held us fast to one another

with a common purpose.


It took hard-earned respect

from each of us

to build a community

that believed in

the very best

of our humanity.


My heart yearns for the years

that seem lost forever:

A world where facts

were based on truth, 

and the rule of law

 was made for all.


Life was simple then.

We watched the seasons

come and go,

and we believed

that good would

triumph over evil.


I am not ready

to accept a world

filled with such

chaos and hate,

where people refuse

to relate with one another.


Let us work together

To heal this broken world,

so once again we can

find serenity,

and peace within

Our Country.