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Dedication:” For she who teaches me by her actions that Christ has risen.”                  -Yu/stan/ kema-



He is my loving Savior.                                              

Found on Pinterest on 9-18-16. Plfoto-co1.

He is my gentle king.

He sees me through life’s storms.

Christ is my everything.


Christ sends the April rain

So my gardens can survive.

He sends the rays of sunlight

To keep my plants alive.


He renews my tired spirit

When life becomes too much.

He gives me His gift

Of comforting with touch.


He whispers words of comfort

And guides me on my way.

He lets me know I’m not alone

Each and every day.


On this day of Easter, 

I’ll tell  others who will listen:

“I’m happy Jesus is alive

And that He has risen.”