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A light from above                                         

Found on Pinterest on 5-24-17. hegsted.com. Derek Hegsted.

Came down to the earth

And entered the soul

Of a child during birth.


He grew tall 

And worked with his hands.

He walked by the sea

And sat on the sand.


He loved to ask questions,

And met people’s needs.

He told great stories,

And planted love’s seed.


He performed acts of kindness

Where ever He went.

He encouraged others

To truly repent.


He held them and said,

“Just trust and accept,

God’s loved you forever,”

And then Jesus wept.


He died on a cross

To save mankind.

He didn’t want to leave

Any one behind.


So, rise up this Easter.

Feel joy in your heart,

For God has loved you

Right from the start.