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The wind is blowing fierce today.

It scatters debris from winter’s decay.

It’s breath is cold and sharp as a knife,

And reminds us that struggle’s a part of life. 


We’d like for our days to be filled with joy,

And nothing in life that could annoy;

Years full of people who bring us love,

And cloudless skies with the sun above.


The truth is life is made up of years

That bring us both joy and tears.

We are given the good and often the bad.

Sometimes we’re happy and sometimes we’re sad.


What if each day was always the same: 

Nobody  hugged us or called out our name;

Nobody laughed and nobody cried,

And people weren’t sick and nobody died.


Would we value the things we are given,

Or ask ourselves if life was worth livin’ ?

Sometimes it takes the opposites to see

Both are found in each destiny.