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The children came to school,

feeling quite secure,

safe within the womb 

of their belief:

” I know I’ll live forever.”


They followed old routines,

told jokes that made them laugh,

made contact with each other,

and felt such huge relief

at leaving home behind.


Students sat on wood seats,

focused on a young teacher,

who tried to pour facts

into distracted minds.

A fire alarm went off.


They rose and marched together

to the opened hallways

Where death waited. 

They did not know the horror

that lurked around the corner.


The noise of shuffling feet

drowned out the awful sound

of bullets sliding in to place.

The shooter opened fire,

and students were hit.


Young bodies jerked,

As pent-up anger

Found a quick release.

The shooter felt the power

Flowing from his rifle.


Students fell down 

and became like children, crying:

” Please, someone help us.”

“Were in need of care.”

Friends sat and whispered


to the dying, these words:

“I really love you, man.”

Tears dropped on bodies

that would never move again

and eyes that could not see.


When the shooting ended,

and their arms stopped shaking,

the Survivors came together

and talked about their feelings.

and the need to be safe.


They had lost their innocence.

Friends were gone forever.

They wanted to take action,

To prevent school violence

From happening again.


They have formed an army

To reach the souls of men,

To encourage them to vote 

To keep all children safe,

and honor those who died.


Let us march beside them

and lift our voices too,

and vote with our conscience,

to make change come true,

for them, for me, and you.