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When you have too much love,

And you have too much hope,

You can end up battered,

And find you can’t cope.


Found on Pinterest on 4-6-17. My Own Little WorlDm. ff.com/worldk2.

When evil is winning

And good’s tossed aside,

Your soul trembles

From tears left inside.


When you search for answers

That you cannot find,

Try looking in side you.

They lay in your mind.


You’ve fought a great battle

Over the years.

You have to accept how

To live with your tears.


You have a kind spirit,

You believe in the good.

Even when hurting,

You say a good word.


When you feel disappointed,

Your heart breaks in two.

The pain ends up taking

A big piece of you.


But Love can feel great,

And giving brings pleasure.

Yet, Love can bring sorrow,

And pain beyond measure.