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America is reeling from

insidious attacks

within the halls

of Congress and outside

it’s crumbling shores.


Corruption eats at the

heart of Lady Liberty

as  rich men buy votes

from those who have forgotten

how to lead and serve

their country men.


Their hollow, empty eyes

reflect a lack of morals

as they spend their days

catering to those men

who are hiding in the shadows

and who spit forth lies to mislead,

and cover up their evil deeds.


Congressmen choose to lie 

and steal so they can win,

without regard for human life.

In a mad dash for power,

they break rules and make

promises they don’t 

intend to keep.


Congress bows to a man

who has taken their power

and who rules with

complete authority.

He does so without restraint

and operates from a

position of self-interest.


The well-being of the People

Congress serves is  forgotten.

They serve power and greed.

Their goal is to win, at all cost.

America has been dealt

a terrible blow.


Citizens stagger around

in a stupor, not quite grasping

what has happened to them,

but smart enough to know

America is bleeding and

needs medical attention.

Others follow blindly

like sheep to the slaughter,

believing in those who lie

and say the promised land

is right around the corner.


Where will it all end,

and can a Nation now divided

come together to create

a more perfect union?

Can we focus on the things

we all have in common

and accept our differences

as a symbol of strength?

Will we awake in time

to safeguard our Country

and our precious liberty?