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Found on Pinterest on December 10, 2015. Dave Bowman.

On such a cold night as this,

A little babe was born

Into a world of racial strife,

And many were forlorn.


They must have felt, so keenly then,

That hope was all but lost.

So many babies had been killed,

And houses had been tossed.


Yet, a little baby boy

Survived the night to walk

The rugged hills of Galilee

And lead a shepherd’s flock.


He walked the shores of Galilee

And talked to fishermen.

He fed the poor, healed the sick,

And  forgave those with sin.


He treated kindly those He met,

Had mercy in His heart.

He touched the outcasts’ hands 

And made His giving an art.


He came to teach another way 

That men could finally live:

A life of love and service

And wanting to forgive.


For we were given a great gift

The world had never known:

A  gift of love and sacrifice, 

So none would die alone.