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Found on Pinterest on 6-11-16. Jasper National Park.

Why do you seek destruction                 

Of the beauty all around us?

You say, “To make some money.

No need to make a fuss.”


It takes years to grow a tree

While it shelters singing birds.

A tree has endless beauty

And is loved beyond words.


Have you ever climbed a mountain

And rested on its top?

Have you spent hours gazing

And found you could not stop?


Why gut protected places

God has taken time to make?

Why cut the virgin forests, 

Mine the canyons that you take?


Wild land has been protected

For many decades by the best,

Because they knew its worth

Was more than coins in a chest.


The canyons and the rivers

Became a place to find

The soul that lives inside us

And leave our cares behind.


A place where we could challenge

The best we could become,

And find the time to talk to

The God we all come from.


We don’t need men to plunder,

Or steal the lands we trod,

Only to become more wealthy

And destroy what comes from God.