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Going down to the rain-filled creek,                 

Found on Pinterest on 4-2-16. Childreninnature.

She skipped her way to the water.

She was eager to see her special place,

And her feet did not falter.


She needed a place away from death,

And free from the worries of life.

All she needed was a happy space

That was free from human strife.


She tip-toed through the airy glade

Where the little fairies played.

She made her way to the water’s edge,

So she and the fairies could wade.


They gathered stones and arranged them 

To use for tables and chairs.

They drank their tea and ate their food

After they said their prayers.


They talked as the hours passed,

And they sang the girl to sleep.

When she awoke, she felt alive

And happy beside the creek.


She gathered her thoughts and resolve;

Found courage to get through the day;

Her spirit filled with love and  joy,

As she smiled and walked away.


There are those who say

Those fairies aren’t real,

But they’ve forgotten one thing:

All children believe what they feel.