Good memories are what gets us through the hard times. Our world is full of chaos and many people are feeling anxious. It helps when we can laugh when we are full of pain, some of the time. Looking back on this part of my life, helps me laugh.


While I was growing up, I lived a very sheltered life. I had lived in four different agencies that cared for children by the time I was eighteen. My social skills were limited and I had never traveled anywhere until I entered college.

In college, I was fortunate in finding  work while I attended school. I learned how to spend money on root beer floats and hamburgers. I didn’t have a car and most students who lived in the dorms  stayed on campus for lack of transportation. We became a close-knit community out in the middle of no where, far from the rest of civilization.

As a freshman, our stately institution created an initiation for the first year students. It was called “Fish Week.” I had to wear a dorky looking cardboard hat on my head that stayed in place with an elastic string that rested under the chin. Trust me, it…

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