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In the early morning hours,

A spider woke from sleep.

Her children were snoring.

She could not make a peep.


She knew they’d be hungry,                              

Found on Pinterest on 9-24-17. photography blogger.

So she hurried on her way.

She had a task to do,

To spin a big web that day.


So she put her needs aside,

And spun a thing of wonder….

She worked until she dropped,

and heard a peal of thunder.


She knew she could not tarry,

So she said a little prayer

And hoped that God would send

A swarm of flies through the air.


She was certain He would help 

Catch a bunch of flies. 

So she went back home,

To look her children in the eyes.


“Come, my little ones,

Wake and follow me,

For God has sent a feast,

For all of us to see.”


“Eat until you’re full,                                        

Found on Pinterest on 9-24-17. Photo by j chants on flickr.com.

Before the sun sets tonight.

Then, thank God for this food,

And experience His delight.”


So the children followed her,

And saw that it was true.

There really was a God,

Who would be there for you.