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Love is more than saying a word

And more than giving quick hugs.

It’s taking the time to help lift

The burdens others lug.


Love is taking time for patience,                      

Found on Pinterest on 5-15-17. Coral Honeysuckle. Saved from Indulgy.com

When you want to yell and shout.

It is keeping your voice calm,

when you are full of doubt.


Love is standing by others,

Through the difficult years;

Giving support when needed,

And wiping away the tears.


Love is trying to listen,

When you want to give advice.

It’s thinking of others, not-self,

Being willing to sacrifice,


For others who need your care,

And need a helping hand.

It’s giving another respect,

And showing you understand.


It’s taking time for yourself

To renew the soul within;

Being kind when you make mistakes;

And becoming your best friend.


Love takes work and commitment, 

And the desire to forgive.

It’s being there when you’re needed,

Giving others the courage to live.