” We are in a time of change, a time of upheaval, and a time when our sense of security is being threatened. May the words above remind us all that after the storm, the peace will come.” Yu/stan/kema.


rocks-6- Ray Bilcliff. Found on Google +rocks-6 by Ray Bilcliff. Found on Google +.

This picture is beautiful. The storm clouds roll in, the waves increase, and the water cascades over the rocks. What was once tranquil, struggles to move further inland. The water swirls in many, different directions at the same time.

My mind has days like this such as I’m traveling down the pathway of life and I hit a rough patch. Problems occur or I have to deal with unexpected change. There is a part of me that knows I may have to do things I don’t  like in order to survive. I may have to accept feelings in myself I’m not proud of and  change current  assumptions I’ve based on past experiences. I may become exhausted trying to deal with internal conflicts of interest and feeling battered by my own perception of reality. I know life goes on and I must move…

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