“It is so important to remember these words at this time. So many people are needing help and compassion. God does work through us. We all need to do our part, especially the Congress of the United States. People matter more than walls, more than nuclear bombs. Let us have the courage to carry forth the task God has so clearly set before us: Love thy neighbor as you would love yourself.” Yu/stan/kema.


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God Works Through You

God’s love flows like a river
Down the avenues of time.
It touches every one of us
With tenderness sublime.
It seeks out hearts grown weary,
And heads bowed low in shame.
It reaches out to sinners
Afraid to say His name.
Love comforts those with sorrow,
And those with deep despair.
Love kneels before the lonely,
And seeks to give them care.
God’s love resides inside you.
He looks out through your eyes.
Your voice calms the fearful.
Your words make them wise.
God’s reason for you coming
Is to spend your time with us.
You came to heal the wounded,
And show God’s blessedness.


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